Popular comedian Debo Adedayo aka Mr Macaroni has left social media users perplexed with his recent disclosure on virginity.

The comedian, who doubles as an actor made a post on social media where he disclosed he is still a virgin.

According to the comic star, he is proud of being a virgin adding he’ll one day lose it to the right woman.

He wrote; “My Virginity, My Pride. I will give it to the right woman.”

The comic act, who is known for playing the role of a sugar daddy referred to as “Mr Freaky Freaky” or “Daddy wa” in his skits, has left social media users utterly bemused with his claim.

Daddy Freeze wrote: “Meee too… I’m also saving mine.”

Broda Shaggi stated: “Same thing I’ve always said. Till marriage . No woman will see my nakedness. Please bear with me. My decision, my choice. HOELOSHI.”

sandybarbz_ said: “if you are a virgin gather here , let’s take a selfie e no easy.”

oluwatofarati.a asked: “Abi na my eyes dey pain me? No be freaky freaky be this? So there’s sugar daddy that doesn’t demand for sugar.”

onyinyechistephen stated: “I’ll take mine to heaven.”

iam.kennie wrote: “Pele Virgin Atlantic.”

coddesigner said: “Na this freaky freaky man dey talk this? This one wen don miss him period tire.”

wendy_adamma wrote: “Virgins don’t say they are tho.”

callmedamy asked : “Daddy wa why are you lying?”

lindaalyke stated: “And that’s on Mary had a little lamb.”

i_am_renajojo wrote: “Which virginity and pride is he talking about, the ones you done use do freaky freaky, you’re doing well.”

_ooluwaniunfishe said: “My dealer don de supply many people these days o.”

omoteediplo stated: “Debo go and sit down, let ppl like me the original virgin speak.”

khaymanofficial wrote: “I laugh in Spanish, Danish and German.”
_sucystar said: “He is a comedian after all.”

gave_butik stated: “Nobody should come for me… miracle happens… After 2 children i just find out am a virgin.”

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