“I will Revamp Anambra state Economy, Create Jobs” – Dr. Obiora Okonkwo

Dr Obiora Okonkwo, the ZLP gubernatorial candidate for Anambra gubernatorial election had been reeling out his plans for the State. At a recent forum, he itemized his.plans for the Agriculture  and other sectors of the state and how this will affect the economy.

According to him, his administration shall invest in Agriculture and Industrial developments, promote the Arts, Culture and Tourism, in other to revamp the Economy of the state for wealth creation and poverty eradication.

In Agriculture and industry, the government shall invest mainly on agro-allied and automotive products, in addition to metallurgy, computer and digital industry.

Agriculture and manufacturing shall be linked in such a way that the output of one shall feeds the others seamlessly, with production and processing co-located.

The arable lands in the 3 senatorial zones of the state shall be mapped by the most promising crop or crops; with a corresponding value-addition process located near the production centers.

The state government’s role under his leadership shall:

• Provide trained manpower (through training, re-training and specialized training to meet industry needs)

• Broker transfer of knowledge from scientists and universities to the farms –using science to increase total factor productivity (closing the yield gap, promoting land use intensification, promoting efficient fertilizer and farm-equipment use); support post-harvest technology and infrastructure

• Create a state agriculture Marketing Board that shall be managed by the private sector under a PPP arrangement.

• Provide incentives and smart subsidies for the private sector to invest in farms and agro-processing firms with orientation for both domestic and export markets

• Provide land and certain land inputs

• Encourage Anambra Citizens to engage in commercial farming

• Work with the international Banks such as the World Bank, AFREXIM Bank, the African Development Bank, Foreign Embassies and the River Basin Authorities, Research Institutes to provide critical technical assistance, including knowledge and materials for Anambra State’s agricultural revolution.

• The establishment of the Songhai-model integrated (no waste) farm in each senatorial zone –good for learning, conservation and employment.


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