Not a few politicians who are in the know are already reading 2023 power play angle to the arrest and detention of  elder statesman Tanko Yakassai’s son, SALIHU.

Not many people know that Salihu is the elder brother to the second wife.of Lagos traditional ruler Elegushi. One of his younger twin sisters married the Elegushi a few years back in a wedding that was highly celebrated even though many did not see the political undertone to the marriage.

Elegushi is virtually considered as a son to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It was reliably gathered that the wedding between Elegushi and Tanko Yakassai’s daughter was the brainchild of Asiwaju who is wanted to build bridges across the Niger and specifically to the North.

Asiwaju saw Tanko Yakassai as one of the few top politicians he can rely upon in the North hence the need to cement the relationship with a view to using it as a major stepping stone into Kano come 2023.

Our sources confirm that even though she’s married to the Elegushi, Tanko Yakassai’s daughter is not finding it too easy in her Lagos home on the account of the ‘arrangee’ marriage.

Ever since the marriage, Tanko Yakassai has however become a strong advocate of the Tinubu 2023 agenda. In the last six months or so, he has granted major interviews where he championed the candidacy of Tinubu in the next presidential election and why it is the best for the country, a position which has ruffled feathers in parts of the North especially among those who believe that Tinubu should not be allowed to pick the APC ticket talk less of contesting in 2023.

Deft moves within and outside of the ruling party to cut the former Lagos governor to size include the removal of Oshiomhole, the revalidation of members of the party as well as reducing his influence in key areas of government.

The Hawks, led by influential AGF Malami is not comfortable with Salihu Tanko Yakassai now standing as a strong voice for the opposition but within the party. And it was only a matter of time before he would talk himself into trouble.

Both Tanko Yakassai and his son knew that they were serving the cause of the Tinubu for 2023 Presidency project though indirectly. Moreover as an appointee of an APC government, it was obvious that SALIHU was playing a script having been suspended once because of the same offence of criticising Buhari.

According to sources, many more Tinubu supporters or members of the APC who show sympathy to his cause may also face same rash treatment as the countdown to 2023 begins


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