The  Director General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Chikwe Ihekweazu,  has revealed that staff members of the centre had been infected with coronavirus. When asked to state the number of the affected workers, the DG of the NCDC refused to give the number.

He said, “After work on Tuesday, I spoke with a number of people in my own team that had  sadly become infected  in the line of duty. I called them to encourage them but they ended up encouraging me and the PTF to continue pushing, that our work is  important for the future of our country.”

“Although they are isolated and some of them in hospitals, they keep working, contributing to the response. They said it is better to do that than to sit idly watching television or thinking about their fate.”

‘I won’t take issue with governors’

Ihekweazu said that he would not take issue with any governor on the number of person infected in each state. He stated that the only way to ascertain those who had the virus was to test them. During one of the briefings this week, the DG of the NCDC had charged states with zero case to collect more samples from people in their states for test to be conducted.

The Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire,  said restriction on the lockdown would only be relaxed if Nigerians observed government advisory put in place to arrive at reduced number of cases.

The minister urged lawmakers to be involved in disease surveillance and provision of bed spaces in isolation centres at their  constituencies.

The minister said that the delegation that was sent to Kano over rise in COVID19 cases and deaths in the state had begun working after meeting the governor of the state.

“They were well received by His Excellency the Governor and have been able to conduct an appraisal of the situation and start working on outlines of providing technical support for the state COVID-19 task force in several aspects, as well as planning capacity building for the frontline health workers.

On  isolation centres, Ehanire said various activities were available for patients while efforts had been made to provide mental health support to fight boredom.

“There are those in single room because they have travelled and waiting for 14 days. For those who do not like to be alone, it may not be easy but for those who like to be alone, they can work on their computers, read books or watch television. It depends on your kind of mentality,” he said.