At a time when Coronavirus has forced people to wash their hands every five minutes, Maitama ABUJA, where the rich live is reeling in acute water shortage.

Sources reveal that the problem has been on for over a year but it reached its peak weeks back. According to a source, most of last year, the FCT Water Board supplied water filled with particles. It became a major problem since most of the houses do not have boreholes. And they depended on the tap water for cooking and washing. What it meant was that they could not do anything without allowing the water to settle.

Confirming this, another source revealed how she confronted the Water Board official who brought bills and they said they didn’t have money for chemicals hence the poor water quality that they supplied.

That was last year. This year, the situation has grown from bad to worse as the water hardly run for thirty minutes in a day and the pressure is low. The residents of the area, including the Inspector General of Police, incumbent and former Senate President, former Governors of Zamfara, Yobe, KWARA States among others are therefore left at the mercy of water hawkers.

A resident who could not hide his anger wondered what would be happening in areas like Mpape, Lugbe Nyanya and other suburbs of the city if Maitama where the movers and shakers of the nation live is facing such challenge.

The FCT Water Board, like many other departments have indeed become another failed parastatal under Mohammed Bello, the incumbent minister, who many believe has been simply overwhelmed with the challenges of running the Capital City.

The parastatal has neither grown it’s financial base nor even managed to keep its old customers satisfied with it’s services talk less of extending pipe borne water supply to the ever expanding populace of the Capital Territory.