A man by the name Pastor Richard Daniel, who is also The general overseer of the LIGHT and FAITHFUL GOSPEL MISSION, in Calabar, CROSS RIVER STATE, was apprehended by the police yesterday after being indicted by two robbery suspects who claim they are members of his church.

Mathew Inyango (L) and Daniel Bassey(R) were arrested with guns and knives during a robbery mission at one Doctor Peter Benson’s compound.

During their arrest by the men of the police force yesterday at Odukpani junction, they confessed to their crime by indicting named the pastor as their boss. They said they are ushers in the Light Gospel and Faith Mission, and they have information of every rich member that comes for service at the church through membership cards usually given to new members to fill in their details.

According to them, after church’s service, they will send the names and the forms filled by the new visited members to their pastor who would now fix a date for their deeds. They said that they only rob the rich ones. The suspects went further to disclose that the membership forms which they give their new members have columns for occupation, home address, location and the names of family members. Through this membership form, they will use it to trace the location of their victims and rob them. As they were further interrogated, they disclosed that they have so far succeeded in robbing about 16 new members and were just unlucky to get arrested for the first time.

Report have it that, the police had intelligence information of a vehicle used by arm robbers which was approaching Calabar, security then mounted a road block, the car was waived and given thorough search, policemen were able to discover guns and knives from the occupants after tedious agitation and denial from them.

The pastor was arrested yesterday on his way to church, as the Police declared that they would all face serious charges pertaining to their deeds. Pastor Richard denied the allegation however but admitted that he knows the robbers only as members of his congregation.