Things are really not easy for many Africans in China right now. Reports from the Asian country indicate that many Africans have been thrown to the streets and they are left at the mercy of nature.

Most of those affected, our sources gathered are however those that entered the country illegally or do not have their correct papers.

Abujareporters gathered that many of them, especially Nigerians are in China for the usual hustling without documentation or carry expired papers and so they have to live in hotels, moving from one to the other.

Problems started for them a few days ago when a Nigerian, who was being tested for Coronavirus decided to assault a female nurse treating him.

The report got to the authorities and they decided that if the Nigerian wanted to make their country relapse in its eradication of the Virus, it was better to send them packing. After the incident, the Police authorities were said to have decided that all illegal Africans, who are mostly Nigerians must go before they create another major health crisis for the country.

This, it was gathered has been the reason behind the crackdown on Nigerians living in the country as Policemen raid hotels and all other dark areas where they reside and turn them on the streets, asking them to leave. Meanwhile, because most of them are illegally in the country, they can neither plead their rights nor get across to Nigerian embassy officials to plead their cause.

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