Hello guys, Let me start by narrating my ordeal, about 2weeks ago I started having my regular symptoms of typhoid and malaria which is back pain, hot breathe, evening fever and change in urine colour, so i rushed to the pharmacy and got malaria drugs.

Fast forward to Saturday 21st,I started coughing but i didn’t take it too seriously, but by midnight of that day I woke up with the worst fever and hallucination i have ever experienced, by Sunday morning the fever was gone, but then I had itchy/sore throat coupled with the cough, so i gargled salt and warm water and i got relief from the sore throat.

At exactly 6pm that Sunday, the fever returned but this time more serious than the last one and this time it lasted till Monday morning, at this point I was already on google searching for all the symptoms of CoronaVirus, instantly I called my nurse that I needed injection for malaria and typhoid and she told me no treatment unless i go for a test to confirm if its malaria and typhoid.

The thought of going to the Lab for test made me feel uneasy so i called the NCDC toll-free line (080097000010), I called for 12 good times and each time I was told to hold on but the call gets disconnected, I wasn’t going to let myself die of ordinary Typhoid because I want to self isolate so i went to the Diagnosis centre with my nose mask on. At the centre i was dying inside, dying not because I was sick inside or I was afraid of what the result would bring, but dying because I was trying so hard to suppress the urge to cough, because I didn’t want to scare people or spread whatever was wrong with me. After 2hrs the result was out and i had malaria and too much typhoid in my body system, I went home gave the nurse the result and she gave me 3 injections for the Malaria and typhoid, and I am much better now than yesterday,and she also prescribed Tutolin for my cough.

I read today about a Nigerian that called the NCDC line today to explain his symptoms and was told they only attend to people that had contact with someone who just came from travel outside Nigeria, with that I can only conclude that there is no seriousness in this Government to fight the Virus, right from the beginning they refused to close all point of entry in the country because they thought its child’s play, now they wont even respond to Emergency calls.

Forget the nose mask, the hand sanitizer, once this gets to the common man in Nigeria, who believes they cant get the virus, who still believes the hot weather will kill the virus inside you, who believes the cure for every sickness is either paracetamol or antibiotics, then I am sorry to say, Nigeria might just become worse than Italy

Stay safe guys, Stay indoors

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