Superstar Kevin Durant among those news coronavirus cases in the US

Europe, United States, Iran, United Kingdom recorded more cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, with Italy presenting itself as the world’s worst case after China.

Italy reported 3526 new cases in a single day, jacking its total cases to 31, 506, more than 40 percent of the 80,000 plus that China recorded after many weeks of the epidemic since late last year.

Death toll in Italy as a result of the virus is now 2,503, with 345 deaths recorded in a single day, according to statistics published by

Spain and Germany also recorded huge number of infections on Tuesday. Spain had 1884, taking its total tally to 11,826 cases. It is second to Italy as Europe’s most virus hit nations.

Germany is third with 9367 cases, 2095 reported on Tuesday. Unless Italy and Spain, which have not succeeded in keeping mortality low, Germany has only nine deaths so far as a result of the virus.

France has 1,097 new cases and 7,730. cases overall. Switzerland has a total of 2,742, with 389 recorded on Tuesday.

UK also has a lot to worry about with a total of 1,950 cases. Overnight 407 cases were reported.

United States is still doing badly in taming the virus, with 6,486 total and 1,823 new cases. About 111 Americans have succumbed to the virus, 25 of the deaths happening on Tuesday.

Iran remains the third most hit nation with 16,168 cases and 1,178 new cases and a total of 988 deaths. In contrast, the number of infections is dropping in South Korea, with 177 recorded as new on Tuesday out of a total of 8,413.

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