When sometimes in 2018, the story broke that Halima Maude, wife to late Ambassador Deinde Fernandez remarried, not many were taken aback. Well, with the life of affluence she was already used to, having been married to one of the most influential men of his time, Halima was definitely faced with either remarrying and moving on, or staying single and mourning the man who transformed her life. Lest we forget she is in her early fifties and her exposure to urbane lifestyle meant that invitations would be coming for social events.

Halima Maude married Ambassador Antonio Deinde Fernandez in 2003. It was a wedding that threw the Nigerian social establishment into frenzy given the fact that little was known about Halima, a Kano princess, and mother of two for whom the late Baron of Dudley paid dowry running into millions of Naira. Instructively, it was the Lagos Oba, Oba Akiolu who paid the bride price and stood in for the family of the groom, supported by eminent Lagos Chiefs.  The marriage lasted till Fernandez passed on in 2015, with Halima growing to enjoy and get used to life as the Baroness of Dudley and the flamboyance of being married to a man who needed no Visa to enter many African countries.

Well Fernandez passed on at 86, and she chose to remarry and so became Mrs Zubair Rudasingwa.

In her post wedding post, the excited bride, took social media,where she changed her name to Halima F Rudasingwa,and  wrote,’I’ve been meaning to share my joy with all my beloved friends and well wishers…but words fail me all the time. I’m very blessed to be surrounded by genuine people for the most part, my amazing friends that are more than friends…. Aunty Caro, Zainab, Asta, Jummai, Debbie, Marya, Ramatu…..the list is endless and Martha, not forgetting Billy boss. My amazing family. My extraordinary mother, my children, my staff… Jerome my trusted MD… Dr, the list goes on and on. Thank you all for playing front Center and back, thank you for giving me courage and clarity when Im in doubt. Thank you for making my wedding a fairy tale. Thank you for loving my husband as you love me, thank you for being there for me and now,and all the other times before.glad you were involved in my journey won’t have it any other way. Love you guys always, HALIMA AND ZUBAIR RUDASINGWA.

But marriage has not meant forgetting her late husband. Speak with her and you would see that though she has remarried, her late husband still takes prime of place in her life. She loves her Rwandese husband who according to her is fun to be with and so caring, but Deinde Fernandez remains Deinde Fernandez and you cannot compare both.

She shuttles between her Belgium, French abode and her Nigerian homes as well as once in a blue moon trips to Rwanda.

For her life is in phases and she’s quietly enjoying the new phase, who knows what tomorrow has in stock?