The number of novel coronavirus cases in the world rose to 98,123, including 3,385 deaths, across 87 countries and territories by 0900 GMT Friday, according to a report compiled by AFP from official sources.

Since 1700 GMT Thursday, 613 new contaminations and 39 new deaths were identified.

China — excluding the territories of Hong Kong and Macau — where the epidemic emerged at the end of December, had 80,552 cases, of which 3,042 were fatal. There were 143 new infections and 30 deaths there between 1700 GMT Thursday and 0900 GMT Friday.

Outside China, a total of 17,571 cases have been recorded around the world since the epidemic began, including 343 deaths.

There have been 706 new cases and nine new deaths outside China since 1700 GMT Thursday.

The most affected countries after China are South Korea (6,284 cases, 42 deaths), Italy (3,858 cases, 148 deaths), Iran (3,513 cases, 107 deaths and France (423 cases, seven deaths).

Since Thursday 1700 GMT, China, South Korea, France and Spain have recorded new deaths. Palestinian territories and Bhutan have confirmed the first cases on their soil.

Asia has recorded a total at 0900 GMT Friday of 88,344 cases (3,101 deaths), Europe 5,701 cases (161 deaths), Middle East 3,757 cases (110 deaths), US and Canada 194 cases (11 deaths), Oceania 64 cases (2 deaths), Latin America and the Caribbean 34 cases, Africa 29 cases.

This assessment was carried out using data collected by AFP offices from the competent national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO).