The Chief Priest of Osogbo in, Osun State, Ifayemi Elebuibon has described the Coronavirus, which was reported in Nigeria last week as man-made disease that needs to be checked urgently.

He told The Guardian in an interview at his temple in Osogbo yesterday that he was consulting the gods for possible solutions, insisting that the virus was not a natural disaster or one caused by natural phenomenon, but some people created and transferred it into animals.

Elebuibon said people came in contact with the disease after consuming the meat of animals that carried the virus.

The Araba of Osogbo said if it weres to be a natural disaster, some sacrifices and rituals would have been carried out to wipe out the virus, and cautioned those who created the virus to provide solutions to it, while advising Nigerians to be cautious and hygienic.

Although the chief priest promised to consult the deities for possible solutions, he asked every town and state in Nigeria to rise to the occasion and check the disease before it ravages the country.

On how Operation Amotekun could operate without perversion of the course of justice, Elebuibon recommended that personnel of the outfit should be made to swear by Ogun (God of iron) during their recruitment.

He expressed confidence that the process of swearing them in traditional way would prevent Amotekun personnel from engaging in excesses or becoming overzealous in the discharge of their duties.

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