Is General Buhari Culpable in the Formation of Boko Haram?

By Reno Omokri

The money and love General Buhari is showering on Boko Haram is suspicious. First, they rehabilitate and release ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members, now an agency is planned for them. It is almost as if he feels he owes them for something they did for him.

Did General Buhari have a hand in the creation, funding and protection of Boko Haram? I ask because the political risk he is taking for them appears like payback for a job done. He is spending money on repentant Boko Haram, who live in fancy facilities, while their victims are in IDP camps. Let us face the truth; it is suspicious!

General Buhari is behaving like a man who has a secret debt to pay. That is the only logical explanation for his actions with regards to the so-called ‘repentant’ Boko Haramists. And when you look at his cabinet, he appears powerless in the face of ‪Abba‬ Kyari and NSA Monguno. Both of whom are from Borno, along with the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Turkur Buratai, and the “corruption caused coronavirus” EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magi. Why is so much power concentrated in the hands of Borno people by this government? Something is fishy!

It is almost as if these repentant Boko Haramists have something on the President. This does not make sense at all.

Nineteen years after and three American Presidents later, the al-Qaeda suspects arrested in connection to ‪9/11‬ are still in jail in Guantanamo Bay. Meanwhile, the Boko Haram members arrested by former President Jonathan are being released by General Buhari. I smell a rat!

And on Thursday, February 20, 2020, news broke that the National Assembly was considering a Bill to create an agency to look after these repentant Boko Haram members. The Bill’s existence was proudly revealed by a loyalist of General Buhari, one Senator Ibrahim Gaidam, of the All Progressives Congress (they should remove progressive from their name), representing Yobe East.

Think about it. There is no agency for the widows and orphans of Nigerian soldiers killed by Boko Haram, so why create one for so-called ‘repentant’ Boko Haram. Other countries punish terrorism. Nigeria rewards it, and we are surprised President Trump placed Nigeria on a visa ban?

Put yourself in his shoes. When you release these people into society, you contaminate Nigeria. We have no criminal database. How do you expect the US to know who the repentant Boko Haramists that Buhari released are? Since they do not know, then we are all treated with suspicion!

If you put the treatment that General Buhari’s administration gives to Nigerian soldiers, Boko Haram’s victims and ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members side by side, it is undeniable that this government is treating repentant Boko Haramists the best out of the three.

What does this do for the morale of our soldiers? What does this do for the patriotism of the victims? Why should government be treating enemies of the state with such tender loving care, while soldiers and civilians are barely noticed by the same government?

General Buhari’s government does not have an agency for rehabilitating victims of killer herdsmen, yet they wanted to create cattle colonies for them. They do not have an agency caring for victims of Boko Haram, yet they want to create one for repentant Boko Haramists. Is this not madness?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” With the Buhari administration’s plan to set up an agency for the rehabilitation of Boko Haram, are we finally unmasking those behind these terrorists?

Nigerians should not forget that when the government of former President Jonathan launched a military offensive against Boko Haram, General Buhari said, and I quote the “Military Offensive Against Boko Haram, (is) Anti-North”. Now he is setting up an agency to rehabilitate them. It is getting clearer!

Nigerians will further recall that when former President Jonathan banned Boko Haram, Lai Mohammed screamed blue murder. Today, Lai Mohammed is justifying General Buhari’s policy of releasing repentant Boko Haram members. Obviously, these fellows know more than they are saying!

If we allow this proposed federal agency for the rehabilitation of repentant Boko Haram members to go through, what will stop General Buhari from coming up with a ministry of repentant Boko Haram? How can we pay taxes only for our taxes to be used, not to build roads, but to rehabilitate those who killed our brothers and sisters?

And it is not as if the country is awash with cash. Here we have a government that has announced plans to take loans of $29.6 billion. Is that what the money they intend to borrow is for? Are we to go into debt because of repentant Boko Haram members? Oh, Nigeria! Who has bewitched you?

The profligacy and prodigality of this administration is so audacious and in your face that it is obvious to see that they have taken Nigeria for granted. That is why General Buhari had the guts to say ‘It’s wrong to think National Assembly members are overpaid’. He has influenced the election of a rubber-stamp National Assembly leadership and must now protect their jumbo salaries so they can rubber-stamp his unpatriotic requests.

Who will save Nigeria from this man and his hidden agenda? The extent to which we cannot even now know. Journalists are afraid to talk. The judiciary has been cowed. We now have a military so timid that they kowtow to ‪Abba‬ Kyari. So, what do we do? Do we just continue down this slippery slope?

One thing I can say for sure is this. If General Muhammadu Buhari keeps releasing ‘repentant’ Boko Haramists, more nations will place Nigeria on a visa ban. They will find an excuse, but the real reason will be this policy. We will suffer because Buhari cares more for Boko Haram than for law-abiding citizens.

Perhaps then, Nigerians will manage to get some sense.

Reno Omokri

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