Lucky Omoluwa, CEO Pinnacle Communications is dead. He slumped in his house this morning as he was getting ready for work and he was rushed to the National Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Lucky Omoluwa’s company has been invloved in a lot of telecommunications jobs in the Northern part of Nigeria.

He is embroiled in a case involving the recently suspended NBC boss, Modibbo Kawu.

Sir Lucky Omoluwa was an illustrious entrepreneur and Founder of Pinnacle Communications Limited, a Nigerian broadcast engineering company, as well as Pinnacle Investments Ltd, The Centagon International School Ltd and Tarmac Works Ltd. He has consistently won international awards from Nigeria, Ghana, the UK and USA companies in the area of international best business practice, performance and commitment to commercial relationships and trade between the USA and Nigeria.

Sir Omoluwa, who was knighted by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010, is on the board of several companies with interests’ cuttings across construction, as well as international procurements. Sir Lucky was awarded a special congressional recognition by the US congress in Washington DC in 2012.

Born on the 6th of March, 1954, Sir Omoluwa is a dedicated volunteer in the area philanthropy. He donates his financial resources to make a difference in the lives of the blind, windows, disable children and orphans as well as to enhance the quality of lives in whatever community he is found

Though an astute businessman, Sir Lucky, owing to a strong passion for good education, along with his wife set up The Centagon International School, Abuja, Nigeria. Sir Lucky who has a background as a Golfer, in his spare time still enjoys the games. He also enthusiastically promotes the games of golf through sponsorship of amateur and professional competitions in Nigeria.

As Chairman of Pinnacle Communication Ltd, he brought a positive revolution to the broadcast engineering industry in Nigeria whist representing Harris Corporation (now Gates Air), the largest manufacturers of Radio and Television transmitters in the World where Pinnacle Communications Won a carrier license, Broadcasting Signal Distribution (BSD), made available by the Federal Government for transition from analogue to digital broadcasting.

This astute businessman has also received several awards including the Good Business Ethics from Harris Corporation USA (now Gates Air), Outstanding Trade Contribution by US government, Outstanding Commitment to Business by Harris Corporation USA (now Gates Air), Support of Trade Development by US government and the Dr Kwame Nkrumah outstanding Merit Award in recognition of outstanding contribution and achievements as a businessman in field of communications.