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Maverick entertainer, Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy is back! The singer who had been away from the music scene for a while released a new song, ‘God of Men’, featuring Falz, on Valentine’s Day. He is also set to release other songs in the following months before the full body of work, including a track featuring his wife, Diane, will be put out.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, Oputa explained why he decided to make a comeback at this time. He said, “I decided to make a comeback because primarily, I want to pass a serious message to the people, especially the youth. In life there are times and seasons for everything. At a time, I was crazy about being a biker but for the past four years, I have not ridden a bike. So, that time has passed. For the past 40 years, I have engaged in different protests and agitations. Last year, I decided that I was going to take a break from street protests; partly because other people I was dealing with as far as protests were concerned were young people and I realised that they had a different mindset. I looked at all of that and decided to go back to my first love, which is music. I have then poured all my frustrations into my songs.”

Speaking on the song, ‘God of Men’, Oputa said, “It talks about fake pastors. I believe many Christians, these days, worship their pastors more than God. That is why I call those fake pastors ‘god of men’.”

On some of the changes in him that are reflected in his new body of work, Charly Boy said, “My music has always had highlife and afro influences. What I have attempted to do in my new music is to mix afro highlife with the hip afrobeats that is being played today. So it is a bridge between the old school and the new school.”

The veteran entertainer also noted that there were a lot of themes in the forthcoming album. “There are songs that address the worrying condition of the country– the frustrations of the common Nigerian and the stupidity of government. There is also a song that encourages young people who are focused on maintaining their lanes and not getting their hands soiled with shady activities,” he said.

Charly Boy also insisted that his new music would connect with the youth. He added, “My beats are danceable and trending dance styles such as ‘zanku’ and ‘shaku shaku’ can go with them. I am the master of reinvention. My best friends are young people and I learn from them.”

On why he decided to feature his wife on a song. Charly Boy said, “I featured my wife on one of the tracks, ‘You Give me Joy’ in the album. We have been married for over 41 years and we have decided to stick with one another forever. One of the ingredients for a good marriage is effective communication. If you make your spouse your friend, then 50 per cent of the job is done. People think that marriage is about finding someone they are compatible with but it is more about dealing with your incompatibility.”

The singer also stated that he is not bothered that he is known more for his alternative lifestyle than his music. He said, “The brand, Charly Boy, was created to shock myopic and analogue Nigerians out of their way of thinking. So, I decided to do bizarre things that would get the attention of people. Many of the things that were done by ‘Charly Boy’ were contrived. None is real. And that’s why it’s called show business.”

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