Police Takes Emijay, Nigerian Man Murdered in Turkey into Ambulance

Thousands of Nigerians live in Mecidiyeköy and Istanbul at large. But panic grilled the Nigerian community in Istanbul following the news which got spread early Saturday morning.

E.J, (Full name withheld) lives in Mecidiyeköy, A crowded business area in Istanbul Turkey. Emy-Jay was confirmed dead by the Turkish ambulance doctor and was coupled into their vehicle by the Turkish police. I personally learnt he was seen tied and stabbed to death in his bedroom.

It is important to know that even if you scream in your room from now till another decade in Istanbul buildings, It will take a miracle to get someone come to your aid and in most cases, the houses are sound proofs which means nobody will even hear you.

A couple of speculation circulate in suspicion of the possible reason for his gruesome murder and who could be responsible. At the moment the Turkish authority has made it known to begin official investigation into the possible cause of his murder.

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