Nigeria is breaking, FG should seek foreign help to decimate insurgency ― Senator Onor

Senator Sandy Onor representing Cross River Central Federal Constituency has said the myriad of insecurity problems at play in the country was breaking Nigeria and urged the Federal Government to take urgent steps to reverse the situation.

Senator Onor also urged the Federal Government to seek military assistance and support from the Israeli government to combat and eliminate the threats of division in the country owing to escalation of insecurity and activities of the insurgents in the country.

Senator Onor said this to Tribune Online in an exclusive interview in his office in Abuja.

He said this has become imperative as the Israeli government boasts of superior technology and competences in handling terrorist, their threats to society and neutralising insurgency.

According to him, the level of bloodshed following the various acts of criminality in different parts of the country was indeed disturbing and could be likened to the experience of the Nigerian civil war he described as better than this.

His words: “Nigeria is breaking, when you look at the entire security architecture in the country and aggregately interrogate it you are going to find out and safely say that not even the civil war days were worse than this ones.

He said the total collapse of security across the country was about 50 per cent related to the collapse of governance at the local government council following the deliberate crippling of the third tier of government by sitting governor’s in their respective states.

Senator Onor said the nation must seek help from all areas it can find help pointing out that it would be inimical to shut our doors to needed support that could change the narrative for good.

He pointed out that modern warfare has its digital component which is critical to decimating the opponent in the case then insurgents hence the need to align with countries with the technology and urged that nation to also digitalise are operations in all spheres.

“We need everything, every formula that is legitimate to make this one work. Let us do away with this state electoral commission thing. Let us give the local government what they need, let us hire more men into the police and the armed forces whatever they want.

“Let us digitalise and also look for foreign support. We have been unable to deal with it. So, let us look for foreign support.

“In this country, if you allow the Israeli to come in for instance and cure this Boko Haram menace. Why is that too much for us? Look at China in all it’s majestic attainments after dealing with the Coronavirus for sometimes and finding it was overwhelming them, they opened their doors,” he said.

He charged the Federal Government not to be too cautious about national pride and expose the citizens to more grievous danger and reach out to those with the technology, proven experience to come and render the requisite intelligence and military support to quash the insurgency and keep Nigerian and her people safe.

“Open your doors and get men who have the knowledge and technology better than you,” he said.

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