Former President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday that the peace the world needs cannot be guaranteed through intimidating armoury and sophisticated nuclear sites, but in human hearts.

Jonathan, at World Summit on Peace, Security and Human Development in Seoul, South Korea, regretted that insecurity, insurgency and terrorism has continued to get worse in Middle East and Africa, despite efforts to combat them and enforce peace by affected nations and their allies.

“This is partly because we have paid more attention to our military might more than we have given to the imperative of promoting understanding, building honour and love in our families and societies,” he said.

The former president, therefore, called for the strengthening of family values as means of reinforcing strong bonds of kinship that would discourage youths from taking to violent crimes.

Jonathan, who is Chairman of the African chapter of the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP), noted that a peaceful family unit entrenched in strong bonds of kinship, ethics and a well-established tradition of honour, is an effective weapon to fight insecurity and terrorism better than any weapons.

“This is because if we pay more attention to the imperative of producing well-adjusted, rationale human beings, it will dry up the human supply lines that feed the cells of terrorists.

“They will no longer be able to recruit misguided and uneducated youths who are willing to either kill or be killed in the most dastardly and bizarre method, in pursuit of dark and hideous ideologies.

“With well-educated and properly aligned youths who are future leaders, the world will then have fewer leaders who prioritise war over peace.

“Without global peace, the world will continue to spend more resources, which should have been channelled into development purposes, either generating or managing crisis,” Jonathan advised.

He told the leaders that the world looks up to them to reach out to the innermost recesses of their hearts and embrace one another in true love and sincerity to save the people.

Over 210 world leaders and top government officials are attending the three-day conference.

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