George Onyejiuwa, and Stanley Uzoaru, Owerri

Anglican Bishops of Owerri  Province have described the controversial  Supreme Court  judgement that sacked Emeka Ihedioha as the governor of Imo and replaced him with Senator Hope Uzodinma  as a ‘momentary setback’.

They also  expressed sadness over the intractable  security situation in the country which has seemingly overwhelmed the security agencies.

In  a statement issued at the end of their annual Episcopal Synod, at the weekend, the clerics  said they were not unaware of the  disappointment, suppressed anger, frustration and and regrets which the people had to contend with.

This followed  the controversial Supreme Court judgement of  last month which had inexplicably sacked Ihedioha and substituted him with Senator Hope Uzodinma who had placed  a distant fourth in the 2019 Imo gubernatorial election.

The statement signed by the Archbishop of Owerri Province, Most Rev. Caleb Maduoma and  Rev. David Onuoha of Okigwe South Diocese, the bishops stated that the judgment was one of the “occurrences that will surely bring out something good for the people of the state in particular and Nigeria in general”.

The clerics said they were encouraged  by the interest the matter had generated both within and outside Nigeria, expressing hope that justice would prevail on the long run.

“We must not lose faith as a result of the momentary setback we are currently experiencing. Our God is one who moves in a mysterious ways. He always plants his footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storms of life to reveal his glory”.

The bishops, who  also expressed sadness at the worsening security situation in the country, said: ‘‘the  rivers of blood that flow every day in this land bleeds our hearts and those of us  and other well meaning Nigerians.’’

‘‘More worrisome is the recent report that the president and commander-in- chief expressed surprise at the level of insecurity in the land and yet has not seen the need to overhaul the security apparatus for better results.

“Unless there  is  more  to this than meets the eyes, the federal government should be bold and swift to confront these merchants of death masquerading either as Boko Haram or herdsmen. The safety of Nigerians should be placed high above every other consideration in this nation”, the statement said.

Meanwhile, fiery priest of the  Adoration Ministries, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka has once again came under serious criticism over his controversial prophesy on the supreme court judgement that replaced governor Emeka Ihedioha with Senator Hope Uzodinma as the new governor Imo State.

The Rebuild Imo Media (RIM) did not spare the Catholic priest as it has described him as a willing tool in the hands of the evil ones.

Coordinator of the group, Amanze Obi, in a statement, also  accused him of being possessed by evil forces as well as spiritually bankrupt.

Obi described as more laughable, Mbaka’s claim that his ministry was directed by the Holy Spirit in accordance with catholic doctrines.

“We are amused because Mbaka is the least qualified person to talk about the Holy Spirit. If there is any spirit that dwells in Mbaka, it is that of sorcery and divination, and these are indulgences unbecoming of a supposed man of God.

‘’Mbaka’s actions and utterance he pointed out contradicts the doctrines of the Catholic Church he claim to represent’’.

“We are scandalised the more by Mbaka’s claim to Catholicism. It is a well known fact that Mbaka is a religious pariah who has been working hard to bring odium and disrepute to the Catholic Church. Obi stated.

“Were it not for the fact that  Catholicism is an age-old and world-wide faith, Mbaka would have brought it to its knees with his unchristian indulgences.

“It is common knowledge that Mbaka, an ordained priest  of the Catholic Church, has sold himself to the devil. Thus,  rather than the Holy Spirit dwelling in him, Mbaka is possessed by evil forces and this is why he is always a willing tool in the hands of evil men”, the group  stated.  While  further taking a swipe on the priest, Obi said: “Rather than talk of the glory of God departing from Ihedioha, Mbaka should engage in soul-searching.

If he still has the mental composure to do that, he will discover that he is not just spiritually bankrupt, he has also become morally obtuse. That is why he feels no qualms of conscience playing the devil’s advocate.