Islamic group accuses MURIC leader of terrorism

THE leader of the Muslim Rights Congress, (MURIC) Prof Ishaq Akintola has been accused to desperately working to destabilise Yorubaland and spur the region into an inter-religious conflict.

In a statement on Monday, the Coalition of Progressive Yoruba Islamic Groups, (COPYIG) said Akintola has dedicated his entire lifetime to the promotion of religious distrust, cruel hatred, violence, armed rebellion against Yoruba people and their history and religious bigotry.

The group in a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Mallam Mukthar Abdullahi Okunade said Akintola has no other agenda except to set Yorubaland and Nigeria on the path of blood letting and primitive trend of avarice.

“It is unfortunate that one Akintola who leads MURIC has consistently fan embers of disunity in Yorubaland hiding under the guise of Islam to set brothers against brothers, communities against communities and men against women.

His thoughts are nothing but a “reflection of the ideology of Daech” the coalition stated describing him as a shameless paid agent of the Fulani caliphate.

The group said Akintola is a big threat to t
Southern Nigeria expecially the Yoruba, Igbo and South South who owes the key to the liberation of Southern Nigeria from Fulani stranglehold”

Okunade said Akintola appears to consistently raise funds from Fulani extremist groups who bankroll all his press statements and his evil plots adding that his lifetime wish is to see Yorubaland turn into another Lebanon.

‘Akintola has no followers. He is an extremist and a sadist. He appears to have suicide instint. We urge him not to attempt to drag the entire Yoruba along on his pathway of mischief and treachery against the Yoruba people”.

The group asked the Lagos State University to sack him saying that his ideas are injurious to the search fod knowledge in any decent society.

The coalition said Akintola has been promoting the invasion of Yorubaland by armed gangs and potential terrorists all for personal financial gain.

The group said Akintola lacks the capacity for clear and logical thinking and that his ability to reason in an orderly manner is a big problem to him.

“In his riotous mind, blind rage and in a show of complete lack of wisdom, he claimed Amotekun is a Christian outfit. This shows how shallow and irresponsible Akintola is. The head of Amotekun in Ogun State is a retired AIG, Subair; the man in charge of Amotekun in Ondo State is Aliu Tijani, a retired senior police officer, the person in charge of Amotekun in Ekiti State is Chief Jinadu. Aare Ona Kakanfo Iba Gani Adams who has been supporting Amotekun is a Muslim. THE Alaafin Oyo who backs Amotekun is a Muslim. We caution Akintola to halt is hatred for the Yoruba Nation.We urge him to learn to read books and bail himself out of his state of psychological disorder.”

The group added “If he fails to repent, the God of Yoruba Nation will seek revenge against his plot to distort Yoruba civilisation.”

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