◗Wife plans to marry a youth corps lover

◗ Man machetes wife for exposing his sexual inadequacies

◗ She is heartless and deserves to die – Husband

Linus Oota, Lafia

wife, Talatu on hospital bed and husband been detained at the police station

Sex. Lack of hot, good sex! This has driven a serious wedge in the marital relationship between Mr. Audu Abaa, 39, a Migili man, from Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State and his pretty young wife, Talatu, and mother of their three children. It was so serious as to make Talatu, a Jukun by tribe, determined to leave Audu for a younger man, a youth corps member who she met during one of her business trips and who she confessed to Saturday Sun possesses greater sexual prowess and dexterity than her husband.

And so miffed and deflated was Audu, by that revelation, that during an altercation occasioned by the development, he nearly killed his wife by dealing her several machete cuts in a determined bid to silence her once and for all. For all practical purpose, the marriage appears to be over as his wife who is still writhing in pains on the hospital bed from the wounds of the cuts has vowed to go on with her arrangement to marry the youth corps lover.

Enraged husband opens up

And Audu? He is anything but remorseful even as he is under police arrest, over the cuts he inflicted on his wife. If anything, he is regretting that he didn’t finish the evil work he started by killing her outrightly. As far as he is concerned, he does not want to set his eyes on her again. The Higher National Diploma (HND) holder in Business Administration who runs a thriving dry fish business said his wife had told him that since he cannot satisfy her sexually, she was going to marry someone who would give her the satisfaction she has been yearning for. Angered by those words, he said he attacked and intended to kill her before she left him as she is planning.

His words: “She did not know the embarrassment she planned to cause me.” His voice rising in anger with every word he spoke, he asked rhetorically: “What becomes of the children? Just because of sex, you want to leave your marriage?” Then he looked into your eyes as he said: “I couldn’t imagine my own wife telling me that she wants to marry someone who will give her sexual satisfaction. I became angry and inflicted injuries on her with a machete. I now understand why she normally goes to Lafia frequently. It is painful.”

Does that mean he has no remorse for what he did, for nearly killing his wife, you asked him. “I don’t regret my actions,” he said with deadpan mien. “My intention was to kill her. She has embarrassed me before the public. This is an internal issue. I am a man of integrity. How can a housewife do that? I have never seen this kind of nonsense before. While I’m working very hard so that we can train our children, she is talking about getting married to a jobless youth corps member just because of sex. She is not a human being and deserves to die. I don’t need her anymore in my life. She is heartless. She is a harlot.”

He is entitled to his opinion, a reader may say, but what about the allegation of his wife about his poor performance in bed? His response: “Yes, she keeps telling me that I have never been great in bed. She used to tell me that she rarely has an orgasm with me and that in her opinion, I suffer from premature ejaculation but I normally do my best and from my heart, I enjoyed staying with her as a wife and in bed because she is too good and would naturally feel bad if somebody else would start enjoying what I’m supposed to enjoy alone. I am a human being too and have blood flowing in my veins. Any other person would feel bad. Is life all about sex?”

Good sex or nothing, adamant wife vows

When our correspondent visited Talatu in hospital, he found her as adamant as her husband in their decision to part ways. She explained her own side of the story thus: “I married my husband for about 10 years and we have three children. I really like him, but I have been having serious issues with him. He suffers from premature ejaculation. He hardly satisfies me in bed. But he is generous when it comes to paying me attention and performing MouthAction, but he really does not last long, a few minutes at most.

“I have told him that no matter how he tries to make life comfortable for me and the kids, I won’t be happy until he finds a way of satisfying me sexually. I felt bad any time I engage my married friends in discussion and they tell me how strong their husbands are in bed. I’m not okay and he doesn’t care about my complaints, except his businesses. Most times, for weeks, he doesn’t touch me.

“We are blessed with three children, two boys, and a girl. I must confess that my husband is a very responsible and caring family man. He has also helped me tremendously in my business and he tries to provide virtually for my needs except for my sexual needs. As a young woman, I’m very much active and adventurous in bed. I don’t like making love the missionary way. I don’t mind hitting it off severally in diverse positions at all corners of the house and I have told him severally.”

The Benue sex stud’s angle

The strange twist to the story is that somebody else, another young sexually energetic man had awakened that long-buried innate desire in Talatu before she happened to come by Audu. But, unfortunately, in the course of their relationship the desire for the temporary, to marry and give birth to children, became overriding and eventually gave way to the permanent – the desire to be sexually satisfied as a woman. Talatu explained. “During my diploma days at Nasarawa State Polytechnic, I met a young guy from Benue State and I dated him throughout the period of my stay in the school and as a young growing up girl, he put me through the oral part of sex as well as other rare positions which I found too pleasurable and mind-blowing.

“I met my husband shortly after my programme and we got married. He had just finished his HND from the Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa. But the Benue guy was not ready to marry at that time. I had complained to my husband severally but he is not ready to do anything about it. Though I endured him for the number of years we stayed together, most times he hardly thinks of sex and all my efforts to make him satisfy me fail.”

How the youth corps lover came into the picture

On how she met the youth corps member with whom she is over the moon in love at the moment, she said: “My husband runs dry fish business in Awe Local Government Area of the state while I run a provision shop and we are doing well except in the aspect of sex which was my major problem. I mistakenly had a fling with a young man in Lafia when I came to buy goods. That was in November 2018. He was a youth corps member from Benue State. This reminded me of the Tiv guy I had while schooling at the polytechnic.

“He was a very cute young man. Owing to the advice of friends, I eventually considered him because he was a young blood. I decided to spend a night with him in his apartment in Lafia. I was wowed by his sexual prowess. He rocked me on the bed till I started to shed tears of ecstasy. He was so innovative and energetic. His sexual prowess reminds me of my old guy in school. Since then I have been finding it difficult to forget the experience and it seems to be affecting my love for my husband.

“Since then, my body has been yearning for the touch of my young corps lover. Memories of sex bouts we had kept torturing my brain and I keep visiting him in Lafia regularly. He has also developed feelings for me and he is pestering me to marry him because I told him that I’m a single mother and I am finding it difficult to resist him. So two weeks ago, I sat my husband down and told him that since he cannot satisfy me sexually, I want to quit the marriage for someone who can give me what I want. I didn’t want to lie to him. So I went ahead to tell him that I have already found someone who is ready to satisfy me. He asked me to refund his bride price and I told him that the three children we had were enough for the money he paid to my parents. He slapped me out of anger and I slapped him back. It was in the night and the children were sleeping. In the course of the fight, he used a machete to inflict these injuries on me. He vowed to kill me and he would have done so but for the intervention of neighbours.”

She explained further that she had no regret for her actions, adding that she will go ahead to marry her newfound love “because he has the capacity to take care of me and satisfy me. I’m too young to die in silence. I have given him three children and his time is up. Let him go and look for another girl and starve her of sex. Me, I am out of it.”

Mother, siblings decline comment

Asked for comment on the development, her mother who sat crestfallen by her hospital bedside while the conversation went on between her daughter and our correspondent as well as Talatu’s younger sisters, refused to talk. But despite her willingness to let it all out, Talatu refused to provide the phone number of her new lover to our correspondent to make enquiries and to hear his side of the story.


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