Kannywood actress, Fati SU

Fati SU, a popular Kannywood actress, says she will be taking time off the Hausa film industry for other personal engagements.

Fati has featured in many movies and is sought by many Kannywood movie producers and directors.

In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES in Abuja, Fati said she will be seen less in movies this year as she is working on something that may take most of her time.

PT: What should we expect from you in 2020

Fati: Yes, I am going to be less active in the movie industry but surely I am not going to leave totally. I will be on and off as I am currently working on setting up something for myself.

PT: You want to go into business or what?

Fati: Not really. But once I get what I am working at I will get too busy.

PT: What are you working at?

Fati: I just graduated from my PGD (post-graduate diploma), and I hope to start work anytime soon. That is what I want to do. Once I get into work I will not have much time for movies. But I won’t say I am going off the industry. Acting is what made me and I won’t stop because it is me. I will only not be as consistent as I used to be.

PT: You were working on producing your first movie sometime last year. How far?

Fati: Good but not too good. I said good because I have everything ready, not too good because I did not get to start work on it. I mean recording.

PT: Why?

Fati: Yes, that is a good question. You know how it is in the industry now. It is difficult to make a movie and make something good out of it. What I mean here is to make a gain. You will have spent a lot of money and you will not get anything in return. It is that bad. So I calm down for now. But surely I will make it real for my fans.

PT: Do you mean you will make the film anytime soon?

Fati: Yes, but not soon. We are still looking at the whole thing. Our senior colleagues and regulators of the Hausa film Industry are working round the clock to see that the piracy menace comes to an end or is reduced so people can make films and make gains financially. Because after spending plenty of money, you should get something in return. Now it is not like that.

PT: But some of your colleagues are making films and showing them in the cinemas.

Fati: Yes, but you know it is like 10 per cent of the entire house. Some are rich and can spend money to produce and stay calm until they get something out of it. People like us who are just going into producing have to be careful.

PT: During the elections of 2019, you were largely involved in campaigns, you participated in many musical videos for some political parties. Are you likely to also venture into politics?

Fati: Not really, I am an actress and what we did was part of what we should do at that time. I truly was involved in many music videos but it doesn’t mean that I am going to join politics.

PT: How was it then?

Fati: It was fine. The only problem we are experiencing is the division we have now among us.

PT: How?

Fati: Some of us went for the APC and some PDP. At some point, it became too personal that causes altercation among major players. It was really a big problem and I am not sure it can be resolved anytime soon because many are bitter and there is that divide.

PT: Thank you for your time Fati.

Fati: Thank you too.