The 23-year-old Kano man, Sulaiman Isa who is proposing to tie nuptial knots with a 46-year-old American, Jeannine Sanchez said his decision to settle for the white woman was because Hausa women are not romantic.

He said he has had bitter experiences with some Hausa ladies who he alleged are more interested in material benefits instead of true love. He said Hausa women don’t go into relationship for the sake of love but because of what they think they would gain in the end.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Trust, Isa said, “I have had several relationships and it all ended in very horrible experience. My experience with Hausa girls and most of Nigerian women is they are very materialistic, they don’t like someone for the sake of love.

If a Nigerian lady says she loves you, you have to think twice, it’s either because of money or something else.

“I don’t really believe in Nigerian love” he added, recalling one of his terrible moment with a lady from Zamfara state who he said left him stranded in an island of love. “My experience in Zamfara was very horrible.

When we started the relationship it was honest, but as time goes on, she met some guys who were more richer than me, then she decided to dump me,” he said. He advised young men using the social media to always strive to be honest in all their dealings with friends the platform. The lovers had met on Instagram about a year ago, and what started as a normal platonic relationship had grown and blossomed into online courtship. The lovers are now set for marriage in a few months following the arrival of the American woman to Nigeria to meet her heartthrob and his family members in Kano.

Sanchez, who arrived at the Panshekara residence of her online lover, said she was in Kano not only to see her heartthrob and his parents but also to declare her intention to marry him and afterwards fly to America where they intend to settle. Daily Trust learnt that parents of the 23-year-old lover had accepted the proposal of the white lady on condition that Isa’s religious beliefs should not be compromised on account of the relationship either at home or in America.

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