Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress national leader Bola Tinubu has been criticised for his moderate views about the security outfit, Amotekun, set up by the South-West governors.

Amotekun, launched early January, was kicked against by the Nigerian government through the Attorney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami stating illegality.

His objection, despite several security challenges facing the South-West states, sparked widespread controversies.

Tinubu, while reacting to the controversies, appeared centrist about the issue. He said both the governors and Malami are “seeking to fulfill what they genuinely see as their public duty.”

He also criticised the “formulation” Amotekun stating that “some things need to be corrected before Amotekun becomes operational” adding that both parties should “enter private discussions.”

But a socio-cultural organization for the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Afenifere, knocked Tinubu for his ” Tanko-like” comments, noting that Tinubu was expected to take a “stand.”

“I think is better to keep quiet than to go that route,” Afenifere’s spokesperson, Yinka Odumakin said, noting that Tinubu might be “afraid of Buhari to speak the truth”.

“We are not impressed by his comments. We won’t abuse him the way he is abusing those of us who are standing for Amotekun,” Odumakin added.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice.

The group boss, Suleiman Adeniyi, said: “for someone believed to be a leading figure of the Yoruba race, Tinubu cannot continue to turn his back on his people just because of his presidential ambition.”

“We have read his reactions to this Amotekun issue and we are of the view that he is afraid to take a stand,” he Adeniyi said.

“Yes, he might have spoken but he has not displayed any support for the Yoruba people. He should come out clear, take a stand and support Amotekun absolutely. He should not sit on the fence. Tinubu should not be afraid of the Hausa people because he wants to be the President of Nigeria’

“Let us know where you (Tinubu) stands because if you cannot defend the Yoruba people, then you don’t deserve our support. Rather, we will oppose your presidential ambition.”

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